Welcome to the Intermeccanica Owners Club of Australia


If you’ve found this website then you probably have more than a passing interest and some knowledge of the fabulous cars that Intermeccanica has produced over the years, starting with the Puch in 1960 through to the Speedster and Roadster recreations of today.


It is unusual to see an Intermeccanica built vehicle on Australian roads but you may be surprised to learn there are actually quite a number that have made their way “down under” over the past 40+ years.


This website was setup in 2013 by the current owner of an Intermeccanica Roadster RS-2 in Melbourne to try and identify how many cars are actually located in Australia and create an owners club if there is enough interest from current owners and enthusiasts.  If you are interested in joining our club then please send an email to club@intermeccanica.com.au and we will be in touch! 


Meanwhile if you want to know more about Intermeccanica then visit the company’s website at www.intermeccanica.com, or you may want to buy the book Intermeccanica: The Story of the Prancing Bull by Andrew McCredie which provides an excellent history of the people, cars and times that made Intermeccanica what it is today.